Mogol Apartments
Open the gateway to St. Petersburg with our key
comfortable and modern apartments in the city center
Mogol Apartments
New place in the city center
10 minutes from the subway, 15 minutes from the embankments and key sites,
15 minutes to famous theatres.
Mogol's apartments are situated in two of the central regions of the city.
Apartments on Nekrasova street

Nekrasova and neighbouring streets (which are the names of famous Russian writers and poets are located closely, streets such as: Radischeva, Chaadaeva, Chechova, Mayakovskogo, Belinskogo) – it's not a touristic center, but a place that we always look for in our foreign countries' trips: the places where local people live their normal lives amongst antique buildings and historical sites.

You can whiteness their everyday shopping routine, how they take their kids from school or kindergarten, and in evenings find yourself sitting on the next table in the restaurant with them or even meeting locals face-to-face in doorways. That's why the prices of food and drink in cafes and bars are so much more affordable when compared to main street of Nevsky prospect: This is where the real people are and go.
Apartments near Voznesensky prospect

Apartments near Voznesensky prospect Here all your trips and routes would be as though you are walking through the streets and pages of a Dostoevsky book: take a volume of "Crime and Punishment" instead of a guidebook. And you will see all of these places: Sennaya Ploschad and the ambiguous Sennoy market, incredible curves and bends of the Griboedov channel – and even the grocery store in the next building has the name "Raskol'nikov" (don't be afraid of the axe on the sign).

More than that, besides the small streets with a literary past, we are next door to fabulous Isaak Cathedral, the Admiralty, Kazan Cathedral, Nevsky Prospect – all within a nice walking distance. Cafes, bars, restaurants of all kinds are at your service no matter which direction you will decide to head.
A little more comfort and nicer possibilities than you were expecting? – we like to surprise.
We created these apartments especially for our guests, taking into account all the specific requirement of temporary stay.

By traveling ourselves, we have noticed all strengths and weaknesses of local housing so in our apartments we have tried to embody everything that seems to us right and necessary!

We have everything for you to feel like you are at home: kitchen with dining set, fans and heaters for hot and cold weather, bathrobes, a washing machine, books, magazines, Wi-Fi, and more than that – administration staff and our willingness to help you and answer your questions 24/7.
Enter the code "gogolmogol" and get 10% discount.
We charge less than hotels. Also our pricing policy provides additional discount for long stays and our regular customers.
Nevertheless, our apartments have one problem – you wouldn't want to leave at the end of your holiday.
Detailed pictures of our apartments, prices, payment methods and availability can be checked through our booking form.
Visa support
If you want us to help you to get visa, please fill in the online questionnaire
When you fill in the form at our website please fill in the dates of the whole period you stay in the country. In field "City" please fill-in all cities you are going ti visit. We provide tourist visa support document – voucher (also known as a tourist confirmation). For the consulate requirements these documents are called "Tourist voucher" and "Tourist confirmation document stamped and signed by authorized person". This is exactly what we will be providing to you.
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Saint - Petersburg, Russia
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Getting there
To all our guests we e-mail an extensive location maps with useful supplements such as a subway map and the appropriate taxi fees.
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